Photograph by Milton Fernández.

To order a copy of the Passport booklet in return for a donation, fill in the form, press 'Send', then click on the corresponding Paypal/credit card Donate button. You will then receive a confirmation by e-mail.

If you prefer to pay by direct bank transfer and/or would like to order multiple passports, please write to passaportproject at gmail dot com.

Proceeds from the sale of the Passport are passed on to grassroots organisations that provide direct support to refugees in the community. Please choose which organisation you would like to receive your donation in the drop-down list.

Europe: € 6
Australia: AUD 12
Rest of World: US$ 9

Prices include postage & handling.

* Pour le Passeport français, veuillez commander chez les Éditions Faï Fioc. Une partie des droits d'auteur sera reversée à La Cimade.
** The Croatian Putovnica is currently out of print.

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