The translators

As of October 2015, the Passport poem, originally written in Maltese, has been adapted into 8 languages (in order of first publication): 

Italiano – adattato da Biagio Lieti & Antoine Cassar (5ª edizione)
Français – adapté par Elizabeth Grech (7ème édition)
English – adapted by Albert Gatt & Antoine Cassar (4th edition)
Lëtzebuergesch – adapted by Francis Kirps (zweet Editioun)
Español – adaptado por Carmen Herrera & Antoine Cassar (2ª edición)
Deutsch – adapted by Francis Kirps (zweite Ausgabe)
македонски – adapted by Iva Georgieva (второ издание)
Bahasa Indonesia – adapted by Fatmawati Indah Lestari Stuby (edisi pertama)

Partial adaptations:

Gaeilge – adapted by Antain Mac Lochlainn (extract published in Comhar magazine, June 2015)
Balinese – adapted by Putu Eka Guna Yasa & I Kadek Purnawan (for Ubud Writers and Readers Festival, Bali, October 2015)
Norwegian – adapted by Kristina Quintano
Polish – adapted by Zuzanna Gawron
Romanian – adapted by Marina Tătărâm
Turkish – adapted by Müesser Yeniay

New adaptations of the Passport poem are on their way in Arabic, Croatian, Dutch, Esperanto, Farsi, Greek, Serbian, Slovenian.

Click on the photographs below for information on each of the translators. The word 'translators' is rather imprecise - firstly, because all are poets in their own right; and secondly, because each of their versions of the Passport poem is carefully adapted to the cultures, contexts and rhythms of their particular language.