The illustrators

The Passport booklet is illustrated by Asya Reznikov (cover emblem) and Noel Tanti (inside drawing ).

Asya Reznikov. From her photographic project D.O.B. Series (2009).

Asya Reznikov was born in Leningrad, USSR and moved to a small apartment near Boston when she was 5 years old. Her artwork explores how culture, tradition, language and sense of home shape and define our identity and how immigration / emigration and travel alters or illuminates that identity.


Noel Tanti.

Noel Tanti likes to think of himself as a Jack-of-All / Master-of-None. He has painted, sculpted, written, acted, directed, danced and ran 13 miles, with various degrees of success. He showed most promise as a midwife for cats. His ambition is to become the greatest person you’ve never heard of.