HOME - Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics is an independent charity that raises awareness among the Singaporean public about the rights of migrant workers.

Together with their NGO partners, HOME launched a campaign to encourage regular days off for domestic workers - - in 2007. In 2011, HOME partnered with UN Women and Ecpat on a campaign against sex trafficking, calling for the creation of an anti-trafficking law. In 2014, this law was proposed and HOME worked with partners to launch another campaign - - which called for a victim-centric approach to human trafficking.

HOME also raises awareness and advocates for change by publishing reports, stories, position papers, writing letters to the press, and taking part in dialogue sessions with government agencies and other stakeholders on issues concerning migrant workers. HOME connects with the public and migrant workers via social media, and conducts workshops and seminars to inform migrant workers about their legal rights and health-related issues.

HOME's full-time staff and volunteers provide counselling and employment advice to workers. They represent workers who have experienced injustice or abuse to the relevant government authorities, such as the Ministry of Manpower and Police. These are mostly domestic, construction, shipyard and service sector workers. Where possible, mediation sessions are arranged between workers, employers and other relevant parties. Ensuring that existing laws are enforced to uphold the dignity and rights of aggrieved workers is central to the work of the HOME helpdesk.

Passaport's collaboration with HOME began in September 2016 with a Speakeasy recital at Artistry.