Keen ass illegal / Personne n'est illégal - Campagne contre le centre fermé au Findel is an independent group of grassroots activists campaigning for migrants' rights in Luxembourg, calling for the closure of the detention centre opposite the Findel airport, and for an overhaul of the government policy with respect to refugees and asylum seekers.  

In March 2013, the group published an international artistic newspaper entitled Le monde n'est pas rond, edited by Antoine Cassar, designed by visual artist Marco Scerri. Financed in part by Passaport Project, the newspaper explores the contemporary realities of migration in Luxembourg and beyond, through the publication of articles, art and illustration, photography, prose and poetry. Issue 1 brings together the work of artists and writers from 19 countries, in 4 languages (Français, English, Deutsch, Lëtzebuergesch), plus a map of migrant detention centres in and around Europe compiled by Migreurop, and the text of the Migrant Manifesto drafted by Immigrant Movement International. Le monde n'est pas rond migrated to an artistic webzine ( on 18th December 2013, International Migrants Day.